Skincare For Preteens

Everything you need to know, to take care of young skin

Posted on: January 19, 2021


Adolescence is a bumpy ride! It’s confusing, right?! Your body is changing, your voice is getting deeper, you’ll notice hair growing in new places, you’ll sweat a lot more - just to name a few things. But one of the biggest changes happen to your skin.

As a child, your skin is soft, tender, problem-free. But with the onset of puberty, your skin changes in various ways. You’ll experience these changes roughly around the age of 9 to 12, preteens or tweens age. The hormonal shifts show up as tiny breakouts, pesky pimples, acne and even bumps. So if you’re experiencing any of this, you must be wondering - What is happening to my skin? Why does it look different? Is that a zit? How do I make it go away? Well, fret not! We are here to help you get to know your skin better!

My Skin’s Super Oily!

In the course of your preteen years, you’ll notice oil or Sebum increases on your face. What’s sebum, you ask? Sebum is a mixture of oils produced by the Sebaceous gland. Its job is to lubricate and moisturize the skin. Unseen bacteria and particles, which usually are harmless guests get attracted to this extra production of sebum and stay longer on the skin. Most often in case of Oily skin, the bacterial & sebum combination affects the layers within and clogs the pores of our skin. These blocked pores create breakouts and pesky pimples, eventually leading to acne.

Why Is My Skin So Dry?


If you notice that your skin is flaky, itchy or irritated, then that’s an indicator of dry skin. Dry skin can occur due to a variety of factors like your genes, exposure to arid weather conditions or even just by washing your face with hot water. Most commonly though, it’s the result of low oil production by the sebaceous glands we’ve already talked about.

Do I Have Sensitive Skin?

Does your skin get easily irritated? Does it burn or sting when introduced to a new product? Then you’ve got Sensitive skin. When exposed to any new element, be it weather or a product, sensitive skin reacts differently than any other skin type. It becomes itchy and can even develop rashes that could be a signal of underlying skin conditions. This skin type requires special care and daily monitoring.

Normal Skin

The skin that is neither too dry, nor too oily, is what we call the normal skin. It has a regular texture, minimal pores, no blemishes and a clean, soft appearance that doesn’t require special care. It is a balanced skin type that usually only requires good hygiene.

What Now?


You may now know your skin type, but you may not know where to begin when it comes to dealing with all the changes going on with your skin. That means you could end up experimenting with different kinds of skincare products, till you find the right combination that works for you. While doing this, most of you might end up dealing with a new set of problems caused by the roller coaster process of trial and error. But we come bearing good news! You can skip right through the hassle of poking and prodding your skin by taking your first step towards proper skin care.

First Things First

It is important to be careful about what goes on your face. Skin care products that work for oily skin may not be effective for dry skin and vice versa. In fact, skin and face care products are designed keeping in mind the target skin type that they will be applied on.

Let’s Break It Down


Phew, that sounds like a lot to take in, but we’ll make it simpler for you - all it takes is adding 1 step to your daily face care routine - yes, a good face wash. It is just one step but it’s the most important one you can take. It’s best to wash your skin at least twice a day. Once when you start out your day and second when you are ready to clean up before you doze off at night. The significance of adding this one habit to your routine may seem small at first but will have lasting effects in the long run.

Take Our Word For It

CLEAN & CLEAR® has specifically designed a range of skincare face washes suitable for young skin. The Clean & Clear® foaming facewash for normal to oily skin gently washes away excess oil and 99.8%* pimple causing germs present on your face. If your skin falls on the dry, sensitive side which is Pimple prone, then the Clean & Clear® Pimple Clearing Facewash is your go-to. It’s packed with pimple fighting ingredient, that gently banishes pimples on Sensitive and Dry skin. Last but not the least, we have the Clean & Clear® Morning Energy Face Wash. Meant for those with normal skin. It’s everything you need to keep your skin fresh and glowing everyday.

Always Remember!


Initially, while getting into the groove of maintaining a skin care routine, you might be tempted to wash your face repeatedly, even at the smallest hint of oil. Over cleansing your skin results in stripping away even the necessary oils needed to maintain your skin's natural moisture level which causes it to go in an overdrive of oil production to deal with its absence. So, it’s better to stick to washing your face twice a day, with a gentle, daily use skin care face wash.

Skin Care Is A Lifestyle


Taking care of your skin goes hand in hand with taking care of your body. Apart from skin care, there are plenty of things you can do for a healthy skin. Start by upping your water intake. Water not only hydrates but cleanses the human digestive system as well.

Balancing out the sugar and junk food cravings with healthier food choices may seem boring at first, but goes a long way in improving the overall quality of the skin and while you’re at it, take a trip to the kitchen too! Rummage through cereal jars and spice racks to create your own beauty arsenal. Afterall, natural remedies have been passed down for thousands of years for a reason.

Get moving and break a sweat! Regular exercise gets your blood flowing and the excess sweat helps flush out toxins present within your pores.

Lastly, sleep well and sleep clean, by that we mean get a full 8 hour rest every night (any less just isn’t good enough!) and also change pillowcases, sheets and towels frequently with clean ones - it’s a great habit to develop because, bacteria and dead skin cells on the fabric can stick to the skin and lead to clogged pores.

So, Clearing Things Up


Now that you’re well versed in the world of skin care for preteens, you’ll be ready to take on the obstacles all pre-teen skin can pose. CLEAN & CLEAR® hopes for you to have the best skin care experience and we would love to know more about how your skin feels before and after using the CLEAN & CLEAR® solutions. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube and share your thoughts. We’ll be waiting to hear from you!