How to get rid of pimple marks

Tips to clear those unwanted marks off your face

Posted on: February 9, 2022


Ah, the age-old problem — what marks did I get? No, we are not talking about those exam marks, we’re talking about the ones pimples leave behind! And yes, they are not pretty. But what are they? Why do they occur? And most importantly, how to remove pimple marks?

What are pimple marks?

Once the inflammation from the pesky pimples subsides, it leaves behind dark (brown or red) spots of hyperpigmentation. Like pimples, they also tend to fade away over time, but not all of them. The deeper gashes or small mounds of skin are stubborn pimple marks that only a specialist can treat.

Popping pimples leads to increased production of melanin during the healing process, resulting in hyperpigmentation. This dark patch is called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. These marks do not go away on their own and are difficult to treat.

How to prevent pimple marks on the face?

The best way to prevent pimple marks is to prevent breakouts! Now, we know that that is easier said than done. So, there are handy tips and tricks you can use for pimple marks removal.

Stop Popping

We know it is tempting but keep your hands off your face. It is more definitely if you let the pimple run its course and heal on its own. You can significantly reduce the chances of it leaving a permanent scar behind. However, in a bid to get rid of the pimple quickly, you may irritate and aggravate the pimple marks. So, stop popping.

Popping may cause the pimple-causing germs to spread, leaving more zits and more pimple marks. Here is how. Pushing and pressing around the zits tends to increase swelling and inflammation. Using your nails to pop the pimples can cause micro-tears that can lead to scabbing, leaving you with deep pimple pits and permanent scars.

Banish the Sun

Another way to prevent or remove pimple marks on the face is by limiting your sun exposure. While limited sun exposure may be beneficial for you, regular raw sun exposure is not. Sun exposure has the potential to dehydrate the skin tremendously.

In a bid to compensate for the lost moisture, the skin secretes more sebum, and the vicious cycle continues. Plus, it can also cause the skin to produce more melanin. That further darkens the dark spots and delays the healing process. If you do need to step out in the sun, never do so without first applying a good sunscreen.

How to remove pimple marks?

Start by keeping your skin clean and hydrated. Use a non-comedogenic face wash such as the CLEAN & CLEAR® Foaming Face Wash. That is a great way to ensure that you wash away excess oil, dirt, and pimple-causing bacteria. The mild and safe formula is gentle on the skin and won’t clog your pores. Plus, this face wash targets the root cause of the pimples. So, it prevents breakouts and any possible scarring from those breakouts.

Over Thinking > Over Scrubbing

Love your skin and be very gentle with it. Coarse face scrubs do more harm than good. They claim to lift away dead skin cells to reveal newer, fresher skin. However, that can cause micro-tears to the skin that can have an opposite effect. It can even worsen the pimple marks on the face. Here is how. Coarse cleansers tend to irritate sensitive skin, break the skin’s natural barrier, and make it extra-prone to bacterial infections. That leads to more pimples and possibly more pimple marks.

That is why it is crucial to use products that are gentle yet effective such as the CLEAN & CLEAR® Foaming Face Wash. It has a mild and safe formula that directly targets pimple causing germs. As it goes directly to the source, it gives you happier skin in just one wash. So, you have selfie-ready skin every day!

Consult a Dermatologist

Sometimes, you need to pull out the big guns. And that is when the pimple marks on the face persist, and newer pimple marks start popping up. For this, it is best to consult a specialist for a proper course of pimple marks removal. They have the expertise to understand the underlying causes of constant breakouts and can help you minimize pimple marks. With the advancement in skincare technology, they can also treat the existing scars for clear, healthier skin.

Understand Your Skin

Remember that pimple marks cannot magically disappear overnight. They can only fade away over time with regular tender love and care. That is why it is vital to understand your skin and its specific needs. Only then can you learn the underlying causes of breakouts and pimple scars and target them directly.

Any course of treatment or remedies that you try will take time to show results. So, successful pimple mark removal can be a long-drawn-out process. But you must be patient and allow your skin the time it needs to heal entirely.

And, here’s a cheat code - Salicylic Acid.

Salicylic Acid is pretty much a miracle when it comes to pimple marks removal. Not only does it prevent possible breakouts, but also can help in minimizing scarring. Plus, it significantly helps pimple marks fade away over time. So, look out for products that contain Salicylic Acid, such as the CLEAN & CLEAR® Pimple Clearing Face Wash. They will truly do you good.

Most importantly, remember that solutions for pimple marks removal work best when they are meant for you. That is why we would highly recommend that you look after your skins' needs and requirements. When you take that into consideration, you are more likely to find solutions that last for the long term. After all, the golden rule with skin care is to go for the long term. That is when it truly benefits you and your skin.

Disclaimer: The content in the articles are based on scientific literature and consumer interactions. .Individual skin conditions may vary and if condition persist the consumer should consult a dermatologist.