Dull Skin - Loose Pores?

Freshen up your look with these tips for dull skin care

Posted on: February 9, 2022

Somedays, you wake up with fresh glowing skin that looks entirely sun-kissed. But sometimes, it is quite different. Like you, your skin does tend to have low days. Here, it will likely appear dull and tired. But, why does that happen? What causes it? And more importantly, how do you go about skincare for dull skin? Let us take a closer look.

All skin types – normal, oily, dry – can become dull and riddled with the appearance of loose pores. These pores enable your skin to breathe. They also contain sebaceous glands that are responsible for the production of sebum. These pores tend to get clogged with dirt, bacteria, and dead skin cells regularly. That is because of an almost constant onslaught of dust and other air pollutants. The result? Dull, grey, and lifeless skin.

No need to panic just yet. Skincare for dull skin is beneficial and may be easier than you may think. In this article we will share insider tips and tricks of skincare for dull skin along with handy dull skin products. We are certain it will help your skin perk up and become soft and supple in no time.

Let’s dive right into the nitty-gritties of dull skin care then, shall we?

Cause: Dead Skin Cells

Your skin is constantly changing throughout your life. In fact, the regeneration cycle of your skin is approximately 27 days. That means that you shed millions of skin cells every single day. If not exfoliated properly, the debris of dead skin cells on your skin can make it appear less radiant.

Solution: Scrub ‘Em Up

If you don’t actively remove the constantly accumulating dead skin cells, they will likely form an ashy grey layer on your skin. Regular skin care products can not penetrate this layer of dead skin cells. As a result, they are often rendered useless. But the solution is simple - invest in an effective dull skin product. Use an effective scrub such as the CLEAN & CLEAR® Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub.

That will help you gently exfoliate and remove pore-clogging dead skin cells, dirt, and oil. It also visibly reduces the appearance of blackheads in just three days. In fact, it contains a unique double action formula with micro exfoliants and beads. Those help break the nasty blackhead cycle and leave your skin soft, supple, and smooth every day.

Cause: Overexposure to Sun

Let’s face it. Complete avoidance of sun is practically impossible. Over exposure to sun can damage your skin by weakening its collagen production. That, in turn, leads to lack of luster and dull skin. In addition, extended sun exposure can also cause pigmentation, reduce your skin’s elasticity and lead to premature ageing. So, no good things.

Solution: Sunscreen Firs


You did not purchase that sunscreen to just sit pretty in your vanity. Put some on every time you step out into the sun. And remember to reapply every couple of hours. It may feel a bit tedious but trust us, it is completely and utterly worth it. And that may be one of the finest dull skin products there is.

Cause: Stress

A lot of your skin’s health is directly related to your mental health and well-being. Trying to meet deadlines at school; not sleeping well or not sleeping enough can all put you under a lot of stress. As you may imagine, that makes you look constantly tired and your skin sallow and dull.

Solution: Destress (duh!)

Get a good night’s sleep. When it comes to sleep, both quantity and quality matter. Eight to ten hours of deep sleep every night is non-negotiable. And if, like a lot of people we know, you cannot get that amount, there are other solutions. If your schedule does not have the wiggle space to squeeze in recommended hours of sleep, you can try other relaxation techniques such as meditation. Quick facial massages can also help by stimulating the flow of blood, thus boosting radiance.

Cause: Pollutants

Every day, our skin is exposed to polluted air. The air likely contains tiny, microscopic particles of dust and vehicular emissions. Prolonged exposure to such pollutants can mess up your skin’s health. And that often leads to many issues such as hyper pigmentation and an uneven and dull complexion.

Solution: Wash ‘Em Of


Wash your face using a mild cleanser before hitting the bed every night. No, seriously. You will thank us for it. Do not let a day’s worth of sunscreen, make-up, dirt, and grime go to bed with you. That is because it can damage your skin’s natural barrier while you sleep. Cleansing your skin goes a long way in revitalizing skincare for dull skin. It will also help your skin breathe and minimize the damage caused to the skin by free radicals.

And it really is not even that hard. Make it a habit and it’ll soon become a part of your lifestyle. And if you need help getting started, the CLEAN & CLEAR® Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub gently cleanses your skin from deep within. With natural apple extracts and scrubbing beads, it is gentle and safe for everyday use.

Cause: Dehydration

Lack of moisture can make your skin appear dull. However, it may not be resolved when you use a ton of face creams for dull skin. Instead, you will need to look within.

Solution: WATER!

It is probably the number one dull skin tip that has stood the test of time. Just drink water. Nothing, no other fluid can ever replace water. It goes skin deep in healing your parched, dull, and dehydrated skin.

On that note - no matter what your skin type, never forget to moisturize. The best face cream for dull skin is a cream that is oil-free and non-comedogenic. An oil-based cream can dull your skin further while you also risk clogging your pores. Switch to a water-based face cream for dull skin and see the difference for yourself within a few days.

And remember, skin care is all about being regular with your skin care routine. That is even on those long, tiring days when it may feel like a chore. Dull, lifeless skin requires a little extra love and care. Religiously following these tips for dull skin will help you achieve that plump and radiant skin of your dreams.

Disclaimer: The content in the articles are based on scientific literature and consumer interactions. .Individual skin conditions may vary and if condition persist the consumer should consult a dermatologist.