Face Washing 101

How to wash your face based on your skin type

Posted on: January 26, 2021


Who doesn’t wash their face? But while everyone washes their face, not everyone does it right. It may sound basic, but there are a few cardinal rules to washing your face correctly. So, let us understand them.

The first cardinal rule is to use a face wash that is suited for your skin. We know that sounds simple but what people often forget is that every face wash is different just as each skin type is different. They all have their unique qualities and characteristics so it is important that you use a face wash that is best for your skin type.

The second rule is to use it in a manner that is best suited for your skin. Generally, a face wash comes with directions and it is a very good practice to follow those. But, you should also pay attention to your skin, understand how it responds, and then use a face wash that provides the best results.

Now, let us understand what works best for different skin types.

Oily Skin


Much like the name suggests, oily skin refers to the type of skin that has a greasy appearance and open pores. More often than not, oily skin looks oily. That is why it is susceptible to acne and often faces breakouts. As you may imagine, finding an oily skin face wash can sometimes be a challenge. So, you should pay close attention to your skin.

To take care of oily skin, you must remember to moisturize it often, drink lots of water, and wash your face twice a day using an face wash that is designed for oily skin. The CLEAN & CLEAR® foaming facewash is specially designed for young skin to gently remove excess oil. Its careful curation goes a long way in making it an effective oily skin face wash.

It has key ingredients that help remove pimple causing germs, and a mild and safe formula that provides a deeper clean. This formulation directly tackles the source of pimple problems and helps you get selfie ready skin every day. This oily skin face wash will help you get clean and clear skin that glows!

Dry Skin


Dry skin refers to the type of skin that has a flaky and rough appearance. Due to a lack of moisture in the skin, it is generally rough to the feel and has an uneven texture. At times, extreme dryness can also lead to itching and a tight feeling around the skin.

Taking care of such skin is of utmost importance. It is integral that you only use a face wash that is especially suited to dry skin. If you need help getting started, the CLEAN & CLEAR® Pimple Clearing Face Wash is a versatile face wash that is excellent for both dry skin and acne.

Sensitive Skin


Does your skin get easily irritated? Does it burn or sting when introduced to a new product? Then you’ve got Sensitive skin. When exposed to any new element, be it weather or a product, sensitive skin reacts differently than any other skin type. It becomes itchy and can even develop rashes that could be a signal of underlying skin conditions. This skin type requires special care and daily monitoring. 

In case of Pimple and Acne this skin become super sensitive too. Simply put, pimple and acne are annoying and tends to create lot of issues on this type of skin too. But, there is an easy way to get rid of it - using a face wash! The CLEAN & CLEAR® Pimple Clearing Face Wash is an effective pimple face wash you can use.

Normal Skin


Normal skin is the type of skin that is perfectly balanced. It enjoys balanced pH levels and does not have much sebum production. That means that it is neither too oily nor too dry. That design is why such skin often has a smooth texture and low blemishes and sensitivity. Plus, such skin also has few to no breakouts. If you have normal skin, you are honestly in luck.

It is fairly straightforward to find a face wash for normal skin. When you are looking for a face wash, you need to remember one rule. ‘If ya ain’t got problems, don’t fix them’. It is as simple as that. There is a reason normal skin is called so. It is exactly that - normal. So, taking care of it is fairly a breeze.

The CLEAN & CLEAR® Morning Energy Face Wash is perfect to nurture normal skin. It contains a special formulation of cooling menthol, soft bursting beads, and a refreshing fragrance. To use it, simply apply a small amount onto your wet palm and work it into a lather. Then, massage it gently onto your face while avoiding contact with your eyes. Finally, rinse it off thoroughly. In case it comes into contact with your eyes, rinse it off immediately.

Washing your face with the right product is extremely important for a clean skin that helps you stay away from problems in the long haul. Paying attention to your skin is important. It may not always be easy, but once you get the hang of it, the results will be for all to see. So, start today. Find a face wash that does wonders for your skin. And if you need help getting started, you know where to look.