How To Remove Pimples

Say bye bye to those annoying pimples!

Posted on: February 9, 2022


What is that spot on my forehead? Let me take a closer look at it. Ouch! It hurts! Is that a pimple? Right before a day out at the mall with friends? OH, NO!”

Everyone can relate to that feeling - a huge red spot right smack on your face before an important day. What is more annoying is that pimples are so persistent - they never seem to go easily. No matter how many times you look for ‘how to reduce pimples’ on the internet, nothing seems to work. So, what can you do?

Gentle reminder

It is vital to understand that teenage acne is quite common. So, worrying about it is only going to make matters worse. Instead, take the time to understand why you are breaking out and take steps to combat the issue from its root.

So why am I getting acne?

The sebaceous glands present in our skin produce sebum. That is an oil-like substance made up of fats. It acts as a natural moisturizer for the skin, protects your skin from external factors, and keeps it from getting dehydrated. In small quantities, sebum is essential for your skin. However, puberty is a time when your hormones are all over the place.

That considerably puts your sebaceous glands into overdrive. The excess sebum secreted by your skin during this time can clog your pores. As a result, dead skin cells, dust, and sebum get accumulated around the hair follicles. That leads to nasty breakouts.

Now, remember that it is perfectly natural to break out during your teenage years. And the good news is that your zits do tend to clear out as you get older. But putting some good skincare habits in place right now can go a long way. They will pave the way for healthy, blemish-free skin across your adult life. Think about it this way. If you are going to spend a lifetime with your skin, it is only befitting that you care for it.


Now to the how to!

The most significant factor for healthy skin is using the right products. For that, you need to understand your skin type, skin conditions, and reactions to foreign substances. So, before you start any acne treatment, try and get to know your skin first.

Oily Skin Type

Is there a constant layer of oil on your face that makes your skin look shiny and sticky? If yes, you may have oily skin. Oily skin and acne usually go hand in hand. Here is how. Oily skin has a constant supply of sebum, dirt, and accumulated dead skin cells. That is why it forms the perfect breeding ground for pimple-causing bacteria.

There are things you can do to work on that. Something as simple as cleansing your skin twice a day will help. If you have oily skin, the CLEAN & CLEAR® Foaming Face Wash will benefit you. That is because it is a mild and safe cleanser that gently removes oil and pimple-causing germs. It directly targets the root cause of pimples and leaves your skin feeling fresh and looking clear – ready for that perfect selfie, any time of the day!

Dry Skin Type

If your skin does not feel sticky at all, and it feels rather patchy and tight throughout the day, your skin type will likely be dry. In dry skin type, the production of sebum is low, and your skin is more vulnerable to external factors such as environmental pollutants. That can make your skin sensitive and irritable.

That is why you must use products that are safe and gentle. The CLEAN & CLEAR® Pimple Clearing Face Wash with Salicylic Acid and Neem is very gentle yet highly effective against pimples. It does not over-strip your skin and leaves skin clearer and more translucent.

Let us understand how to get rid of pimples.

Healthy Diet, Healthy Skin

Your mom is right. Even if you do not like them, eat those greens and drink plenty of water. And not just for their lovely taste, but also for the benefits they offer. Green leafy vegetables provide your body with all the nutrients essential for healthy skin. On a similar note, water keeps your skin hydrated and plump, free from harmful toxins.

Along with a healthy diet, you should also remember to hydrate your skin. Use products that cater to your skin conditions and replenish the skin. For example, dry skin needs to be moisturized and is sensitive to external pollutants. So, using a gentle face wash such as the CLEAN & CLEAR® Pimple Clearing Face Wash will benefit your skin.


Clean Your Room

No, really. It is essential that you clean your room, change your pillow covers, and sanitize the area regularly. Here is why. All those things come into contact with your skin. So, you should try and keep all external points of contact clean too. Be it your towel, pillowcases, your bedsheets, or your blankets. Cleaning them often is a great habit to adopt if you are trying to help your skin cope with acne.

Look After Yourself

Now, we know that external appearance does come into play more often than not. And having visible acne on the face can be a bummer. But it is important to remember that this is temporary. So, you need to look after yourself - mental health included. Talk to your parents and friends. Drink plenty of water, exercise regularly, and follow a healthy diet. Also, remember to sleep - get your Z's in, girl!

However, if your acne keeps getting worse, consult a dermatologist. Find recommended products that are suitable for your skin and will benefit you. Clinically tested products, such as the CLEAN & CLEAR® Pimple Clearing Face Wash, will go a long way in treating aggravated acne.

Most important, remember to be patient.

Existing acne can take anywhere between (2 to 3 months) to clear out; acne scars may take even longer. So, be diligent with your skincare. Religiously follow a cleansing regime and take your acne treatment seriously. But also give it some time to work. It is only when the product reaches the core can it fully make your skin clean and clear.

Disclaimer: The content in the articles are based on scientific literature and consumer interactions. .Individual skin conditions may vary and if condition persist the consumer should consult a dermatologist.