Good Habits for Great Skin

Starting now!

Posted on: February 9, 2022


Now, we have all had the fantasy of waking up and going through the day with dewy, glowing skin. But it’s no piece of cake. No, for real. It’s a chocolate rocky road kind of cake! Jokes apart, there are several good skin care habits you can adopt today. Let us take a closer look into them.

Wash Your Face With The Right Products

You know, we know, everyone knows. Washing your face is necessary (even when you are too lazy to wash the makeup off at night!) But, let us explain why it is one of the best skin care habits. When you wash your face, you clear away germs, open the pores, and cleanse your skin. Washing your face is a great habit for good skin care as it plays a role in several vital functions. So, it is important to nail that technique. And here's how you can do that.

There are a bunch of factors that come into washing your face well. Perhaps the most important is to use the most suitable skin care products. When you use effective products, you naturally enhance your glowing skin. That is because your skin has a safety blanket to fall upon - one that is perfectly customized for them.

The CLEAN & CLEAR® Foaming Face Wash provides great relief for oily skin with its mild and safe formula that gives a deeper clean. It goes directly to the source of pimple problems and gently removes 99.8% of oil and pimple causing germs. It also helps prevent some of the most common skin problems.

Practice Makes Perfect!

Once you have suitable products, it is crucial to use them adequately. Let us take into consideration washing your face. Health experts across the world recommend that you wash your face twice a day. That makes sense as the first wash refreshes and rejuvenates your skin in the morning. The wash at night clears your skin of all germs and bacteria and prepares it for rest and repair.

Along with this, it is also vital to use the correct amount of good skin care products such as moisturizer, sunscreen, eye cream, etc. Remember that each product plays a role. For example, moisturizer smoothens and softens the skin; sunscreen protects from sun damage. Each product has a unique chemical composition that makes them suitable for the role. So, by using too much of a product, you unnecessarily introduce your skin to extra chemicals. And that tends to cause great harm over the long run.

Hydration for Good Skin Care

We all know that drinking water is important for the body. We mean, think about it. It comprises nearly three-fourths of your body and plays a role in every bodily function. So, it has got to be important. And it's time we start looking after it. How do you do that? It's fairly simple. By hydrating your skin and your body. The first step is to drink a good amount of water every day. Estimate the amount of water your body requires daily, and replenish it regularly. If you'd like to spice things up, you can even try adding seasonings, fruits, and herbs into your water. Think Lime, Honey, Ginger Black Tea, or Cucumber & Mint Infused Water. They have won us over.

And remember - while you are hydrating your body, it is also important to hydrate the skin. Wash your face adequately, use cucumber soaks for baggy eyes, and use hydrating products which are suited to your skin. The CLEAN & CLEAR® Morning Energy Face Wash, for example, is one of the best skin care products to include in a skin care routine for normal to dry skin. That is because it provides hydration, refreshes the skin, and leaves you feeling truly energized. Made with cooling menthol, soft bursting beads, and a refreshing fragrance, it goes a long way in getting glowing skin.

Eat Well, Look Good

Along with hydration, you should also remember to eat well. Now, we do not mean bitter gourd soup for lunch every day. Instead, draw a healthy balance in your food. Eat fruits and vegetables in plenty and keep heavy items on the down-low. That will pay off not only for the body but also as good skin care.

If you complement it with exercise, you will likely see results quickly. Here's how. Exercise improves blood circulation to the skin and allows oxygen to reach it adequately. In that manner, it improves good skin care, imparts a glow, and makes it look soft and supple. The best part? When you exercise well and eat well, you will benefit from its anti-aging tendencies. Stuff like wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin will be far less of a problem. That is because exercise boosts collagen production and hence strengthens the support structure of beautiful, healthy skin.

Disclaimer: The content in the articles are based on scientific literature and consumer interactions. .Individual skin conditions may vary and if condition persist the consumer should consult a dermatologist.