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Have fun with Holi colours. Then gently wash them away with Clean & Clear.

Go ahead. Cover yourself in multiple shades of pink, yellow, green and blue. Try gold if you haven’t before. Coz there’s a silver lining at the end of your Holi celebrations. Here are four gentle skincare tips and tricks to get rid of those pesky Holi colours. So you can have a worry-free Holi.

  1. Gently wash away your skin worries.

          Do NOT use warm water to wash away the colours. Warm water might react with the low-quality colours causing severe skin dryness. Instead, gently rinse your face with cold water and Clean & Clear facewash, the first thing after you’re done playing Holi.

  1. Take a leaf out of nature’s book.

          Make a paste of besan with milk or yoghurt, sweet oil, and rose water. Apply it on your face. Leave it on for a few minutes, before softly rinsing it off. Trust us, your skin will be back to its golden best.

  1. Add a bit of zest to your celebrations.

          Lemon is known for its citric acid content, which is the perfect solution to lighten Holi colours. Mix lemon juice with equal parts honey and apply it to the affected areas of your body and face. It will help get your skin back to its original glow rather quickly.

  1. Don’t let rashes gate-crash your Holi celebrations.

         Getting rid of Holi colours simply isn’t enough. You need to take preventive action as your skin is still susceptible to rashes and irritation, especially if your skin is acne-prone and sensitive. So as a precaution, once you’re done washing away the colours with Clean & Clear, give yourself a good antiseptic cream massage to retain your gentle, glowing skin.


**This does not constitute medical advice and results may vary from one skin type to another