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Skin Care Tips

a bright smile draws attention away from problem areas

These simple skincare tips will turn every day into a good skin day.

You want everything to be perfect for your fresher’s party, convocation day, or your cousin’s wedding. But you wake up to a nasty surprise – a pimple, right in the middle of your face! Don’t let that stop you. Here are some easy solutions to turn around a bad skin day.


Get clean.

Wash your face with a face wash that has pimple-fighting ingredients. Neem and lemon are also known to help in keeping pimples at bay. It might not banish the spot right away, but it can help to prevent spreading germs and reduce redness.

Use a concealer if needed.

These can be great to mask spots on your face. Green concealers were designed precisely to balance out the redness of your pimples. So, apply it directly to your spot.

Cover it up.

No one wants to walk out of the house with uneven, green splotches all over their face. For more coverage, apply an oil-free foundation that matches your skin tone. Remember to blot with loose powder so your makeup won’t slide off oily skin.


Want to draw attention away from your pimple? Flash those pearly whites! Never let a tiny blemish stop you from having a great day.