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#BeAlwaysReady by Preventing Excess Oil

Whether the sun is up or down, we never want to lose out on the fun. But as the day progresses, so does our fear of oily skin ruining the moment.

And this is what stops us from seizing the day and being ready for whatever life throws at us. Something as simple as oily skin, no matter how often you wash it, can stand in the way of your desire to #BeAlwaysReady.

Sometimes, you try the skin care tips and the cleansers, but they may not always keep the oil and the fear of it returning at bay for long. So, how do you make sure you can #BeAlwaysReady?

We know how you feel, and we’ve got you covered. CLEAN & CLEAR® Foaming Face Wash removes excess oil and helps prevent oily shine.

We’re ensuring that your skin can #BeAlwaysReady. So, go on – go out there, embrace the day!