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We like being seen for who we are, yet we are afraid of being judged. Often though, we are our worst critics, something that doesn’t help our confidence or self-esteem. Think about it: there’s no harsher judge than you, especially when there’s a big shiny mirror in front of you. When you last looked in the mirror, did you feel good about yourself, or did you wonder how you could improve yourself?

The mirror can be a terrible foe, but you know what? You can also make it a reliable friend.

How? Well, just flaunt your #ReadyFace!

Wondering what we mean by a “Ready Face”? #ReadyFace isn’t a selfie. It’s the face you make in front of the mirror that helps you find the courage to show the world the real you. It’s a powerful look that turns your self-doubt into self-affirmation. It’s a face that tells you, “You’re ready for anything”.

Whether it’s that cheeky grin, the sassy hair flip, or the feisty pout – it’s the look which fills your day with positivity. And every time you wash off the midday fatigue, dirt, and oil, you look up at the mirror, and remind yourself of how great your #ReadyFace made you feel.

So let the world judge, because with your #ReadyFace, you can look them in the eye, and know beyond a doubt that the real you is more than enough.

Find your #ReadyFace today.