Clean and Clear Morning Burst Reviews by Vipra

Hello Magnifico's :)

Most of the time, we wake up with messy hair, under eye bags and a dull skin which tends to damper our confidence. A quick shower and no time to get dolled up before leaving for college makes no change to our dull attitude. Add to it the judging eye balls that pops on the way from the college gate to classroom bench making it even worse.

So the Clean & Clear has come up with #seetherealme campaign that encourages college going girls to have a rejuvenating shower with the help of Clean & Clear Morning Energy Face Wash which will take care of their dull skin. A calm and refreshing feeling skin will help them to show the world who they really are and not be judged by their complexion, hair, clothes or shape.

I'm a huge fan of the #seetherealme campaign since I think, its high time we stop worrying about our size, color and dressing style and let our confidence do the talking.

Today, I'm going to review the new Clean & Clear Morning Energy Face Washes in three variants. There is no fuss about these cute and colorful products on show. They offer satisfactory results, are pretty effective and come with an economical price tag. So let's get into a more detailed view on these rejuvenating face washes.

Product Report :

Clean & Clear Morning Energy Face Wash Brightening Berry : Natural berry extracts with Bursting Beads that brighten dull and tired-looking skin.

Clean & Clear Morning Energy Face Wash Energizing Lemon : Natural lemon extracts that are loaded with Vitamin C, and Bursting Beads to energize tired-looking skin.

Clean & Clear Morning Energy Face Wash Purifying Apple : Natural apple extracts that purify oily skin.

Price : Rs. 11o
Quantity : 100 ml

My Experience with the Product :

The new Clean & Clear face washes are housed in a transparent packaging with a blue flip cap. I adore the way these see through packaging lets the colorful product do the talking. Overall, The packaging is sturdy to tag it along during travelling plus the transparent packaging allows you to keep track of the product.

The strawberry version of the product comes in pink gel form complied with soft white bursting beads while the lemon variant is in yellow get form with white bursting beads and the apple one comes in a green colored gel with green bursting beads in it. They smells divine and very pleasant plus the aroma lingers on for a good amount of time allowing the refreshing vibes to sink in to our soul.

A tiny pea of the product does a great job of to cover your entire face and neck area. It instantly offers me softer and fresher looking skin. It does a great job of removing the impurities and excess oil from my skin offering me a well-hydrated skin.

It's a good budget friendly face wash that is pretty effective and offers a satisfying result after daily usage for few weeks. A great buy for college going teenagers to keep their skin fresh, soft, and well -moisturized.

Striking Features :

  • Cute, sturdy & travel friendly packaging.
  • Offers fresher and softer skin.
  • Smells pleasant.
  • Keeps my skin well-hydrated.
  • Refreshing vibes
  • Poses benefits of lemon, strawberry and apple extracts.
  • Economical price tag.

On The Mediocre End :

  • None

FM's Ratings : 4.8/5